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What is a EWL code and what is it for?

The unified classification of waste is essential in order to catalogue and manage the different e...


EU trade in recyclable raw materials is on the rise

In 2021, exports of recyclable raw materials – which include recyclable waste and scrap as well...


London Metal Exchange (LME) introduces 15% daily price limits for all metals

London Metal Exchange (LME) has announced that it is placing d...


ReShaping Plastics the report that sets the direction for sustainability in plastics

The report commissioned by European manufacturers to help them respond to the severity of the cli...


Russia-Ukraine war pushes up aluminium prices

Russian aluminium producer Rusal (M...


A sea of plastic

In today's post we are going to talk about the problem of


Demand for metals rises along with the ecological transition

Green transition plans are causing the demand for metals to increase exponentially and challenge...


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