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What is aluminium crankcase?

In previous articles, we already knew what the types of aluminium are, and we noted that it is classified in series. However, in the recycling sector, aluminium can also be classified according to its origin: industrial, urban, etc.

On this occasion, we will talk about a type of aluminium that comes mostly from the automotive sector: crankcase aluminium.


What is crankcase aluminium?

Crankcase aluminium is any piece of aluminium that comes from the automotive industry. This sector has a high percentage of aluminium usage compared to other materials.

Therefore, crankcase aluminium scrap usually consists of car rims, castings, engine crankcases and cylinder heads among many others. These are light alloys from which aluminium crankcase scrap can be extracted for efficient aluminium recycling.

These parts from the automotive industry present a major challenge when it comes to recycling. Firstly, because they present the need to separate the different metals and other materials of which they are composed, such as crankcase aluminium. Secondly, these parts often contain grease and oil, which must be properly removed so that the metals to be recycled retain the highest possible degree of purity.

Crankcase aluminium recycling process

Before moving on to the recycling phase, the first necessary task is the collection of the material. Once we have all the accumulated recyclable material, the first thing to do is to separate the aluminium scrap from other materials such as steel or iron, for example, as the treatment of each material is completely different.

Once separated, it must be ensured that the aluminium crankcase is dry and relatively pure. Its purity and degree of cleanliness will then determine its market value.

This crankcase aluminium is then converted into ingots, to be transported to a smelter where it is easily cast and moulded for various purposes depending on its intended reuse.

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