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Global Recycling Day

As every year, Global Recycling Day is celebrated on 17 May, with the aim of raising awareness in society about the importance of treating waste and residues appropriately, according to their characteristics and qualities. This is how we favour the protection of the environment, avoiding increasing the consequences of the climate change that is already affecting us.

This date is instituted by UNESCO, with the idea of raising awareness of the challenges of recycling. This day is a unique opportunity for everyone, both companies and individuals, to become aware of the need to reduce waste going to landfills.

The importance of the 3Rs and the circular economy

The promotion of the 3Rs of sustainable development is one of the pillars to mark this International Recycling Day: reduce, reuse and recycle. This formula is used to illustrate how all resources should be treated within a value chain, an expansion of the original recycling-centred approach of previous decades. The future of the planet is in our hands, both businesses and citizens, who should choose to consume more responsibly and minimise the generation of new waste to preserve natural resources.

Every year, 2.1 billion tonnes of solid waste are produced. Of this, 16% is recycled, which prevents 700 million tonnes of C02 from reaching the atmosphere. The truth is that this 16% recycling rate is still not enough, we still need education, legislation and action to combat this environmental crisis.

ScrapAd and the circular economy

The transition of the global economy from a linear to a circular approach is an imperative generational task. However, it carries enormous potential, both environmentally and entrepreneurially. At ScrapAd, we are aware of the importance of recycling and of the importance of correctly managing the waste that is generated daily in industry. Thus, our platform promotes the circular economy, giving a second life to all those recyclable materials that are advertised on our online portal.

Discover what ScrapAd can do for your business and for the planet. Join the digital community of the recycling industry. Sign up for free here.

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