Importance of industrial recycling

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Importance of industrial recycling

The environment is one of the main concerns of today’s society and optimizing the use of resources is one of the main challenges of this century. Therefore, it is essential to recover recyclable materials, classify and process them properly in order to give them a new life and reintroduce them to the market.

In the case of industry, it is even more important if the waste can be treated correctly, its high generation and the wide range of advantages offered by giving it a new use. The industrial sector is one of the sectors that generates the most waste in developed countries, producing a large amount of toxic and hazardous waste. Therefore, today we talk about the importance of industrial recycling.

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What are the main reasons for industrial recycling?

The importance of industrial recycling not only implies a contribution to the care of our surroundings and environment, but goes beyond that, offering us a multitude of benefits.

Energy saving

Obtaining materials from their natural sources implies a huge expenditure of energy since it is necessary to extract the material, to later refine it, which entails transport and processing that involves a very high cost and effort to obtain the final product.

Protection of natural resources

The supply of raw materials can lead in certain cases to overexploit sources and consume these resources faster than their natural regeneration. This overexploitation could have serious environmental, economic and health consequences.

Pollution reduction

Reducing manufacturing processes and saving energy allows CO2 emissions, among other pollutants, to drop significantly. According to the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), recycling today would save the equivalent of 100 kg of CO2 emissions per person per year.

Reduction of waste in landfills

The saturation of landfills is now a reality, being able to correctly classify and recycle waste will offer a more suitable environment for future generations.

Economic benefits

The reuse of discarded materials in industrial processes can be a more important economic source than expected. For this reason, a good waste processing can revert to benefits for companies.

Waste management in industry

According to the latest data provided by the INE, industry spending on environmental protection reached 2,626 million euros, representing an increase of 4.2% compared to the previous year. Of the total expenditure, 38.6% was dedicated to waste management.

This increase in investment in waste management shows us how important it can be to put this waste to good use and value in order to convert spending into an incremental benefit for companies through the correct classification and reuse of recyclable materials.

Proper industrial recycling and proper waste and environmental management are essential not only because of the volume of waste generated, but also because of its potential hazardousness.

Global Recycling Day also helps us to remember these values year after year to finally raise awareness among businesses and citizens alike.
At ScrapAd, a platform for scrap metal trading, we are aware that the transition from a linear economy in which resources are extracted, used and discarded, to a circular economy in which these resources are recovered and given a new life is a priority for both large corporations and governments due to the multiple economic, environmental and social benefits that this entails.

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