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Tin (Sn) is the chemical element with atomic number 50 in the periodic table of the elements. Tin can be white (the most common) or grey. White tin is metallic and electrically conductive, and grey tin is a non-metallic powder that is semi-conducting. It is a very malleable metal, which is why it is possible to create so-called tin foil, a sheet less than one thousandth of a centimetre thick.

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Tin recycling

Tin can be recycled either in scrap yards or from authorised waste managers. It can be purchased in different formats and is destined for smelting. Tin is used as a compound in various industries or as a coating for other metals, but it is produced in large quantities and is not recycled as it should be. This creates a waste of the material. This metal can be massively used and given a second life by recycling it. In this way, it would help the environment and would not end up in landfill.

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