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"""Electronic scrap (WEEE), also called technological waste or electronic waste, is any electronic device that is disposed of. These products that have already been used, can be restored, resold, disposed of or recycled through recovery. Some of the products would be the following: computers / computers, cell phones / cell phones, telephones, lamps ... the areas that create the most waste per person are the United States and the European Union, with emerging countries also creating more and more scrap of this type. The expansion of technology and consumer society make the creation of electronic scrap very large. Much of the electronic waste ends up in the poorest countries. Ghana has become the largest dump of electronic scrap. About 20% is recycled responsibly. Much of the electronic scrap that ends up in landfills, is not recycled responsibly and this creates irreparable damage to health. Electronic components that contain harmful materials such as lead, beryllium or cadmium. WEEE can be classified into the following groups: Temperature exchange devices (Refrigerators, freezers, heat pumps, oil radiators ...) Monitors, screens and devices with screens greater than 100 cm2 (screens, televisions, computers ...) Lamps (LED lamps, straight and compact fluorescent ...) Large appliances (external dimension greater than 50 cm) (washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, kitchens ...) Small appliances (without any external dimension greater than 50 cm) (vacuum cleaners, toasters, lights ...) Small computing and telecommunications devices (without any external dimension greater than 50 cm) (mobile phones, GPS, calculators, printers ...) Large photovoltaic panels (with an external dimension greater than 50 cm) Electronic scrap is one of the most important areas of recycling due to its amount of waste and the important second useful life it can have. Still, recycling is not the only option for this waste. They can also be used through these processes: Repair: many RAEEs could be reused if some of their components were repaired. Reuse: there are many devices that are thrown away because there are new models, but they could continue to be used. Destruction: sometimes, the components of electronic waste cannot be recycled, so it must be destroyed in a sustainable way. Recyclable electronic waste is treated in plants designed for it. You can take the following steps in your recycling process: Disassembly: disassemble the waste because there are different components and they cannot be recycled at the same time. Decontamination: the materials must be decontaminated so that no material remains that may contain polluting residues. Shredding: Special machines are responsible for shredding the waste so that its classification and use is easier. Classification: It is classified into ferrous or non-ferrous metals, plastic or glass. Each of these will follow its recycling process. """

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