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Copper uses and properties

Copper is one of the most popular metals in industry due to its high conductivity, almost twice that of aluminum. This, combined with its ductility, among other properties, makes it perfect in many sectors.


It is also one of the most valuable metals on the London Metal Exchange, so in today’s article we will explain its main uses and the properties that make it such a desirable metal.

Copper applications

Electrical, energy and telecommunications sectors

As mentioned above, copper is the non-precious metal with the best electrical conductivity. This characteristic of the metal, together with its ductility and mechanical resistance, both to traction and corrosion, make it the most widely used metal for manufacturing electrical cables, both for industrial and residential use.

Copper conductors are also used in energy-efficient electrical equipment such as motors and transformers. It is also used in telephone cables and computer and telecommunications equipment.

Renewable energy systems also mostly contain copper, in order to transmit the energy they generate with maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Transport sector

Copper is also used in car, bus and truck components, such as radiators, brakes and bearings, as well as engine cables, as discussed in the previous section.

There is also a large amount of copper in trains.

Construction sector

In the construction industry, copper is used in the manufacture of many components due to its renowned resistance to corrosion. It is used in gas and water pipes, for roofs and gutters or for radiant heating systems, among others.

Other copper applications

A large part of water transport networks were also made of copper or brass because of its corrosion resistance and antimicrobial properties. Due to its antibacterial properties, it is often used in sanitary ware in hospitals, as it prevents the spread of infection and the spread of disease.

Properties of copper

These applications and uses of copper are thanks to its infinite properties and characteristics that make it ideal in many sectors.

Excellent conductor of electricity and heat

As we have mentioned in the applications, one of the properties that makes it so popular is its excellent electrical and heat conductivity, second only to silver. This is due to its crystalline structure, which allows electrons to move easily.

It is also a good conductor of heat, with a great ability to transfer heat efficiently.

Corrosion resistance

Copper develops an oxide layer that protects its surface from degradation caused by exposure to oxygen and moisture. This makes it suitable for applications in humid and corrosive environments.

Ductility and malleability

Being ductile and malleable means that it can be stretched into extremely thin wires or rolled into thin sheets without cracking or deforming. This makes it a very versatile material.


Copper is one of the metals that can be recycled over and over again without losing its fundamental properties. Its recycling also contributes to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of the environmental footprint, as it is not necessary to extract it as a raw material.

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