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How to export recyclable materials to China?

Since 2020 the People’s Republic of China has set quality standards for certain types of scrap metal.

Exporting copperbrass and aluminum scrap (SERIES 1000) must comply with a purity level of 99.1%. In addition, once the goods arrive at any of the Chinese ports, they must pass inspections by Chinese customs.

Regarding non-ferrous waste, the obligation is imposed to declare at least five digits of the corresponding tariff heading and depending on this heading, it will be determined whether it is subject to inspection or not.  

Failure to comply with these quality standards may result in high administrative penalties, affecting all parties involved in the purchase and sale of the material, as well as the transporters themselves. 
The People’s Republic of China additionally establishes groups of prohibited, restricted and permitted materials.

What licences are required to export waste to China

Waste imported into China must be accompanied by a number of licences:  

  • MEP licence: the waste manager/dealer wishing to import this commodity into the territory must have such a licence which will be issued by the Ministry of Environment.  It is the obligation of the exporter of goods to China to make sure that his client has this licence. 
  • AQSIQ licence: this licence is compulsory for all companies that decide to export waste to China.  To apply for the licence, a link from the Chinese Government identifies which companies in each territory are in charge of waste management. Search your AQSIQ CIQ certificate at aqsiq database.
  • CCIC – waste to be imported into China must be accompanied by a pre-shipment inspection certificate. The CCIC office pre-establishes who are the inspectors assigned to carry out the pre-shipment inspection of the goods.

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