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How to obtain the Environmental permit or EA permit

In today’s article we will talk about the Environmental or EA permits that every company dedicated to waste management must have in order to operate. Find out how to obtain the environmental identification number in this article.

What is the environmental identification number

Many industrial processes are required by law to operate in accordance with environmental permits that place conditions on their operation in order to minimise the release of pollutants. Therefore, you may need to apply to the Environment Agency for an environmental permit if your business uses, recycles, treats, stores or disposes of waste or mining waste in the UK. This permit can be for activities at one site or for mobile plant that can be used at many sites.

If you are carrying out a waste activity, you can meet the permit requirement using one of the following:

  • A ‘regulatory position statement’ – the Environment Agency does not currently require a permit for that activity.
  • An ‘exemption’ – you do not need a permit for the activity, but you must still register your exemption with the Environment Agency.
  • A ‘standard rules permit’ – a set of fixed rules for common activities.
  • A ‘bespoke permit’ – tailored to your business activities.

There is separate guidance on how to register as a waste carrier if you are a waste transporter, buyer, seller, broker or dealer.

How to obtain the environmental identification number

Only a person who has control over the operation of a regulated activity may obtain or hold an environmental permit. This person is the “operator”. A permit application may be made by an agent on behalf of the operator.

Apply for a standard permit

You can apply online for most standard rules environmental permits. Before you submit your permit application, you must check your site meets the standard rules location criteria. You can contact the pre-application advice service to request a heritage and nature conservation screening.

Apply for a bespoke permit

You must apply for a bespoke permit if your operation does not fit the conditions of a standard rules permit.

Before you apply you must:

  1. Check you meet the legal operator and competency requirements (including technical competency).
  2. Develop a management system (a written set of procedures that identifies and minimises the risks of pollution).
  3. Complete a risk assessment.
  4. Design your facility to avoid and control emissions.
  5. Check the technical guidance.

If you are applying for a waste recovery permit to permanently deposit waste on land, you must also read the guidance on waste recovery plans and deposit for recovery permits.

We hope this post about Environmental permits and how to obtain it in the UK has clarified some concepts for you. Discover on ScrapAd a new way to buy and sell scrap and other recyclable materials, sign up for free here!

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