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Russia-Ukraine war pushes up aluminium prices

Russian aluminium producer Rusal (M...


The security of transactions involving the sale and purchase of recyclable materials

Transactions involving recyclable materials are growing unstoppably against a backdrop of a circu...


A sea of plastic

In today's post we are going to talk about the problem of


ScrapAd continues to expand and opens its Tech Hub in Madrid

Innovation and security will be the epicentre of this new space for the research and development...


Demand for metals rises along with the ecological transition

Green transition plans are causing the demand for metals to increase exponentially and challenge...


ScrapAd nominated for the Green Alley Award 2022

ScrapAd has been chosen among more than 175 companies a...


As promised, we present our corporate video!

We want you to keep getting to know us and as we announced a few weeks ago, we are pleased to pre...


ScrapAd 2021: our milestones

The 2021 that we have left behind has been a year of joys for all of us who are part of ScrapAd,...


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