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Iron (Fe) is the chemical element with atomic number 26 in group 8 of the periodic table of the elements. It is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust and the second most abundant of the metals.

Iron is extracted from mineral deposits in the form of iron oxide. To produce iron, the oxide has to be reduced in a blast furnace. Coke, limestone and ore from iron ores are added to the blast furnace. The iron in the ore is reduced and chemically oxygen is released from the iron oxide in the ore. This releases the iron. Iron, moreover, cannot be used in its pure state, so it is alloyed to create different types of iron.

Steel is considered an alloy of iron if it contains less than 2.1% carbon. If it contains more than 2.1% carbon, it is called cast iron.

Steel has the metallic characteristics of iron in its pure state, but the addition of carbon and other metallic or non-metallic elements improves its physicochemical properties, especially its strength. They are classified according to their carbon content.

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Do you want to buy and sell iron or steel?

Iron and steel recycling

Iron and steel, like many other metals, is easy to recycle because it does not lose its qualities. The problem arises because it has contaminants. Iron or steel is melted down in special furnaces and the pure iron is extracted so that it can be reused. Iron and steel scrap often comes from old cars (end-of-life vehicles) and household appliances (electronic scrap).

The recycling of this metal is very important to reduce greenhouse gases. There are 4 main stages in metal recycling:

  1. Collection: delivery of metal waste to companies dedicated to its collection.
  2. Processing: sorting according to the composition of the material.
  3. Fragmentation: shredding the metals and compacting them.
  4. Distribution: sale to industry that can make use of the recycled metals.

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