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Enisa accredits ScrapAd as a startup

Enisa, in spanish Empresa Nacional de Innovación, has already certified a hundred Spanish companies as startups, as of 21 July 2023. ScrapAd, an innovative startup, has become one of these 100 certified startups.

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What is Enisa

Enisa is a public company attached to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the Directorate General for Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, which has been actively involved in financing innovative and viable projects since 1982. They are looking for SMEs with transformation potential, committed to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Enisa is responsible for the accreditation of companies as startups within the framework of the new law to promote the startup ecosystem, known as the Startup Law, which is part of the reform plan agreed with the European Union for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience plan.

This aid is mainly allocated to activities related to direct applications of the digital economy (including hardware, software, services and the internet), but also to industrial products and services. These include biotechnology, genetic engineering and medicine, among many others.

The government estimates that at least 10,000 start-ups will apply for accreditation and will be eligible for the tax benefits of the Startups Act. The boosting effect of this accreditation will reach some 150,000 jobs, generating more facilities both for those who invest and for those who found this type of innovative companies, having a multiplier effect on the Spanish economy.

What is meant by a start-up

The Law specifies that the requirement of innovative entrepreneurship will be understood to be met if the company applying for it complies with only one of the six provisions included. Among them, technological R&D&I expenditure must represent at least 15% of the company’s total expenditure.

Spanish start-ups

In 2022, Spain had 12,041 startups, 8% more than in 2021, contributing to employability with 14% more jobs, equivalent to 160,000 people.

These figures make Spain the fourth country with the highest number of European start-ups, behind only the United Kingdom, France and Germany. During that year they raised €4 billion, the second best year since 2017 (the first was 2021, with €4.7 billion), registering a drop of only 15%.

ScrapAd: innovative technology startup

ScrapAd has managed to be one of those 100 startups that have already achieved certification by Enisa. This is because we are an innovative, technology-based startup that solves a problem among players in the recycling sector: the lack of demand and supply information in the recycling sector, and the dumping of waste in landfills, when that waste has a possible second life.

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