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The security of transactions involving the sale and purchase of recyclable materials

Transactions involving recyclable materials are growing unstoppably against a backdrop of a circular economy and a raw materials crisis. Recycling companies are facing major challenges and, at the same time, a boom period in which adaptation to an increasingly global and digitised environment will take precedence.

In this scenario, recycling is a highly profitable business, which, in addition to caring for the planet and changing habits and production models, generates a large number of jobs and multiple projects that are becoming established, from recycling plants to high-level research and development centres.

In order to continue maintaining the profitability and progress of the sector, the key is to generate safe businesses, with complete traceability and in which all aspects follow a careful procedure.

Risks in the market for the purchase and sale of recyclable materials

That is why we have identified the main risks faced by buyers and sellers of recyclable materials, in order to remedy them and make the industry safer and safer:

  • Verification of materials: receiving the expected material, with the required characteristics can generate uncertainty, especially in long distance operations.
  • Payment security: agreeing payment terms and making payment on time and subject to material verification can be complex.
  • Locating the material you need when you need it: finding the supplier or buyer of the material you are looking for is no easy task, requiring time and, on many occasions, long journeys.
  • Organising the logistics: the usual routes are not usually a problem, but when we find a good business opportunity outside of them, contracting the logistics is an additional challenge.

To solve these problems, ScrapAd works every day to create a secure and easy-to-use environment through our platform. This first quarter we will be launching important new features to the sector by offering a comprehensive end-to-end service, in which our users only have to decide what materials they need and at what price, we take care of the rest by verifying the material for the transaction, securing payments and organising logistics.

To reinforce this security and to ensure that users can carry out large transactions without any worries, we provide a unique service in the sector whereby, in addition to verifying the materials, we exhaustively verify the companies registered to carry out transactions. This verification, despite its laboriousness, allows us to offer a secure environment for the recycling sector, in which global professionals operate with complete peace of mind.

Therefore, if you are not yet a member of the ScrapAd community, the leader platform for buying and selling scrap metal, we invite you to complete your registration and verify yourself. Remember, if you are already a member and have not yet completed your verification, you are still on time. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to develop your business!

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