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Bronze is an alloy composed of copper (the base of the alloy) and tin (3-20%). It can also include other metals. This would produce different properties in the material. It is of a matte golden color, although it varies according to metals. Bronze alloys are superior to iron alloys if you exclude steel. It has a density of 8.90 g / cm3 and its melting point is between 830 ° C and 1020 ° C. It is a good conductor of electricity. As it accumulates less heat than other metals, it is used to make industrial products. It has a lower rigidity, so it is an easy material to handle. Bronze extends the life of the products that are made with it, since it is resistant to corrosion. It is a safe material in the presence of materials that can ignite because it does not generate sparks when hitting a rigid surface. The composition of bronze can vary depending on the metals used, creating various types of alloys. The most common are the following: Basic bronze: Copper 89% + Tin 11%. There is also the so-called alpha bronze alloy which is a solid mixture of copper + 4-5% tin. Sun Bronze: Copper + up to 60% Cobalt. It is used in jewelry. Cuproaluminum: Copper + up to 11% Aluminum. Bell Bronze: Copper 78% + Tin 22% Kane-Kane: Copper 60% + Tin 24% + Zinc 9% + Iron / Lead + may add a small amount of antimony or arsenic. It is a traditional bronze in Japan. Arsenical bronze: Copper 70% + Arsenic 30%. It is the first bronze used by humans. Bronze is an alloy that is made up of copper and tin. These two metals are extracted from the earth's crust through mining, which is why recycling of this metal is very important since it is a non-renewable resource. In addition, this extraction involves a high consumption of water and energy that helps pollution of rivers. Recycling helps to reduce the extraction of its components as much as possible so that the reserves reach the future. On the other hand, copper is a harmful metal as it contains toxic Like the rest of the metals, the pure bronze is melted and then separated so that it can be reused. When smelting copper and tin ingot, a bronze one is produced, which can also be melted and cast into molds. In the oven, the piece is melted and then analyzed. In case the properties that are needed are not those acquired, the amount of metal necessary can be added to obtain what is wanted. """

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