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Benefits of being a ScrapAd registered company

Being registered as a company on ScrapAd has a series of benefits that will make your business reach its goals much faster than in the traditional way. Digitalisation brings us closer and makes it much easier to communicate with other companies in the same sector, and that is exactly what ScrapAd has as one of its purposes.

Benefits of being registered on ScrapAd

Being a registered company on ScrapAd has a lot of advantages and benefits for your organisation without having to pay a single cent for registration.

Streamline your business and optimise your time

This means you will have greater efficiency and time savings, as you will be able to simplify all your processes of scrap metal trading on the platform, allowing you to save time and resources compared to traditional methods. In addition, we facilitate the management of your commercial transactions, having everything you need to operate in the same space.

Access to information and market trends

ScrapAd provides a space where recycling sector players have access to relevant market information such as prices, trends and demand. This allows you to make informed and strategic decisions for your business.

You avoid material fraud

At ScrapAd, the priority is to ensure that the operation is a success from start to finish. Thus, in addition to the fact that all companies that register on the platform undergo a rigorous verification process, at the moment the material is loaded, an independent verifier reviews and checks that the goods correspond to what has been negotiated and agreed. This is how, with ScrapAd’s service, you avoid additional worries and possible fraud.

Cost savings

By having access to a wide network of buyers and sellers of recyclable materials, you can compare prices and conditions in a much more efficient way and choose the most cost-effective option for your business. In addition, at ScrapAd we take care of the logistics, looking for the most suitable and cost-effective alternative for you. 


Being registered with ScrapAd gives you greater visibility in the recycling sector, allowing you to reach a much wider audience and increase your business opportunities, making it possible to open up to other markets that, without digitalisation, you would not have been able to reach.

Sustainability and circular economy

Therefore, being on ScrapAd is a way to support sustainability and the circular economy, by encouraging the reuse of materials and waste, and reducing the demand for natural resources, preventing many of them from ending up in landfill.

We hope that this list of benefits of registering with ScrapAd as a company has convinced you to take the step to register for free. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us to answer any questions you may have, we look forward to seeing you in our scrap marketplace!

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