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Red brass, also known as gunmetal, is a type of bronze, an alloy of coppertin and zinc. The proportions generally vary, but usually 88% copper, 8-10% tin and 2-4% zinc are the most common.

Properties of gunmetal

Among its most notable properties, gunmetal melts and machines well, and is resistant to steam and salt corrosion. It has a tensile strength of 221 to 310 MPa, a specific gravity of 8.7, a Brinell hardness of 65 to 74 and a melting point of around 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Applications and uses of red brass

It has traditionally been used for gunmaking, although it has gradually been largely replaced by steel for that purpose. Today, it is used to make steam and hydraulic castings, valves, gears, statues and small objects such as buttons.

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