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Differences between dealer and waste broker

There are four main actors in the recycling sector: waste broker, waste dealer, waste manager and waste transporter. In today’s post, we are going to look at the differences between the waste broker and the waste dealer, as they are very similar profiles within the sector.

Actors in the recycling sector must have an environmental permit or EA permit that identifies them as companies that deal with waste. In today’s case, we will explain in detail two of them and their differences: the waste broker and the waste dealer.

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What is a waste dealer

A waste dealer is a person who buys and sells waste for treatment, without having to take physical possession of the waste, and therefore does not have a waste collection facility.

In order to carry out the activity, a notification must be made to the environmental body where the business is based prior to the start of the activity.

The trader and the initial producer of the waste will sign a contract between them that includes all the clauses and conditions assumed by the parties to guarantee the most environmentally appropriate treatment for the waste.

The producer also assumes responsibility for the decision to select the most appropriate treatment for the waste and must review the waste hierarchy principle. He must also ensure and document the entire waste treatment operation to the original holder.

In case the waste dealer takes physical possession of the waste, the shipment shall be made directly to the chosen treatment facility, unless the waste dealer has authorised facilities. If this is the case, he must be registered as a waste carrier on a professional basis.

What is a waste broker

A waste broker, according to Law 7/2022 on waste and contaminated soils, is any natural or legal person responsible for organising the recovery or disposal of waste. This task is always carried out at the request of a third party, including agents who do not take physical possession of the waste.

Like the dealer, in order to carry out the activity, prior notification must be made to the environmental body before starting the activity.

The activity carried out by this recycling actor is that of intermediation, putting producers, transporters and final managers in contact with each other in order to reduce costs and act as a single interlocutor for the complete management of waste.

Differences between waste broker and waste dealer

The main difference is that the broker acts on behalf of a third party, handling the shipment of waste from the point of generation to final treatment. He is therefore responsible for the proper management of the waste.

The dealer, on the other hand, acts on his own accountbuying and selling waste between the producer and the waste manager.

On the other hand, both actors in the sector have similar challenges and problems, such as heterogeneous regulations and implications depending on the Autonomous Regions, so that agent and dealer share administrative difficulties. In addition, both have to keep a chronological record of the waste they have managed.

Furthermore, they cannot carry out specific waste treatment, so neither is considered a waste manager. They can, however, act as operators in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, always notifying the administration of the shipment of such waste.

ScrapAd in the recycling sector

ScrapAd is an online platform for the recycling sector for the purchase and sale of recyclable materials that connects all participants in the sector. We are therefore considered waste dealers, as we also try to find a way to dispose of this waste by finding the most suitable treatment for it.

If you are a company in the sector and you are not yet registered on our platform, register for free to be able to negotiate for the materials you are interested in.

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