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ScrapAd is now a member of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR)

ScrapAd is celebrating because we are now members of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), the only global recycling industry federation representing more than 30,000 companies worldwide, with a direct membership of some 700 companies and 38 national associations in 67 countries.

What is the BIR or Bureau of International Recycling?

Founded in 1948, the BIR was the first federation to support the interests of the recycling industry internationally. Today, the BIR represents more than 30,000 companies around the world, forming the largest international recycling federation.

It comprises four commodity divisionsiron and steel, non-ferrous metals, paper and textiles, as well as four commodity committees dealing with stainless steel and special alloys, plastics, tyres and rubber, and electronic scrap.

The federation provides a dynamic forum for its members to share knowledge and experience. It serves as a platform to establish successful working relationships and to promote recycling to other industrial sectors.

Mission of the Bureau of International Recycling

BIR’s primary mission is to promote the recycling of materials and to facilitate the free and fair trade of recyclable materials in a sustainable and competitive global economy. Some of its other objectives are: 

  • To represent the international recycling industry globally.
  • To raise public awareness of its economic and environmental contributions.
  • To promote free trade, environmentally sound resource management and the use of recycled materials worldwide.
  • To encourage manufacturers to design products with greater consideration for recyclability.

ScrapAd, new member of the Bureau of International Recycling

We know that this membership is a great achievement and demonstrates ScrapAd’s commitment to environmental stewardship and the promotion of sustainable practices in the recyclable materials market. All this has been thanks to the work behind this platform, to make it a reference portal in the recycling market.

Thus, we thank the BIR enormously for the trust in ScrapAd and for recognising the important contribution to the recycling sector of this startup. Undoubtedly, this incorporation as a member of the federation will help to improve ScrapAd’s visibility, attracting new users who also want a fair and sustainable trade of recyclable materials.

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