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Zamak is an alloy of zinc with aluminiummagnesium and copper. The acronym zamak stands for the initials of these metals in German. Due to its aluminium composition, it is a hardening agent and its copper composition makes it more castable. Due to its main components, cast zamak is ideal for the creation of complex and durable parts.

Properties of zamak

This alloy contains numerous properties that make it almost perfect. Products made of zamak do not deteriorate (in contrast to silver, for example), as it does not tend to wear out and is therefore used in the jewellery sector, for example. In addition, the production of zamak saves energy and time due to its fast casting and good castability. It is a high quality, hard, anti-allergic and resistant material at a very competitive price.

Applications and uses

Its applications or uses are mainly based on automotive components, construction, electricity, electronics or telephony, among others. In general, zamak is a material used in the manufacture of many components or objects that surround us on a daily basis.

Advantages of zamak

Zamak has numerous benefits and advantages in how it affects the environment and its recycling:

  • In zamak casting, emissions to air, land or water are very low.
  • Energy consumption is much lower than other manufacturing processes.
  • No greenhouse gases are generated during the process.
  • Durability of the injection moulds. This stability is due to the mixture of metals and makes them last much longer than moulds for other materials.
  • All by-products of the development can be recycled.

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