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Muntz metal, also known as forge brass or yellow metal, is an alloy of copper and zinc with traces of iron (approximately 60% and 40%), making it a variety of alpha-beta brass.

Applications and uses

This non-ferrous metal is used in all types of industries, being one of the most used alloys, but due to its lightness and durability it is very present in the transport sector. Nowadays, it is a metal that is used in maritime environments, also in the use of pipes (due to its powerful antibacterial action) and in some elements of ships, thanks to its cost-effectiveness and durability. Therefore, thanks to its bright golden appearance, its resistance to corrosion and its cost, it is also widely used in furniture and interior design. Its ductility also makes it the perfect material for stamping and pressing.

Advantages of muntz metal

Muntz metal has many advantages:

  • It is an anti-corrosive material, with excellent performance on the high seas.
  • Low cost. With a smaller amount of copper than in brass, large quantities of muntz metal can be produced at a very competitive price and with great profitability.
  • It is an outstanding material in production due to its lightness and durability.

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