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"Paper is a natural material. It is a material formed by a thin sheet that is made from cellulose made with a pulp of vegetable fibers (wood) that are ground suspended in bleached water and then dried and hardened. They add substances like polyethylene or polypropylene to give it special characteristics. Paper is made from the cellulose fibers of wood. It is called virgin fiber when it is used for the first time and when it is used after recycling it is called recycled fiber. It is the same fiber in different stages. In papermaking, cellulose fibers are mixed with water in a pulper and then passed to the paper machine. There, the mixture is put into a long band that goes through rollers. Then the water is removed with different procedures: gravity, vacuum, pressure and drying. This produces a large sheet of paper wound on a coil. Cardboard is a material produced by joining several layers of paper pulp. These layers stick together with moisture and are then compressed to evaporate dry. As the cardboard dries, it becomes consistent. As it has many layers, it is stronger, thicker and harder than paper. For this reason, this material is used in the manufacture of boxes, packaging, containers ... and is also used to protect certain products. The cardstock used for writing or printing is thinner cardboard. Manufacturing this material is relatively cheap and that is why its use is very common especially for packaging and transporting products, although it is beginning to have other uses. Both paper and cardboard are recyclable, but the number of times that can be recycled is limited since in each cycle there is a portion of the fiber that becomes unusable. Once they are used, they are collected for recycling with municipal selective collection or with private operators in large areas. These materials go to the warehouses of the recycling sector and there they receive the necessary treatment where they are classified, packaged and balled. The last step would be the paper mills. They buy these materials and recycle them to use as raw material to make recycled cardboard and paper. In the case of paper, it is mixed with water in the pulper and shaken. So the paper fibers are separated from plastics and other possible materials and go to the paper machine to become paper again. "

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