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"High-density polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer from the family of olefinic polymers. It is called HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This material is used in disposable packaging and also has industrial applications. known for its resistance / density ratio (between 930 and 970 kg / m3) that it has. It has a very good chemical and thermal resistance. It is a solid, colorless and almost opaque plastic. In fact, being a material in which it is It can be painted and glued, it is easy to customize. It is easy to produce, it is low cost and it is easy to process by injection and extrusion. It is highly resistant to temperatures (high and low), to impacts and to traction. In fact , its greatest advantage is its rigidity and resistance. This type of plastic is used in the manufacture of drums, food containers, detergents ... HDPE is achieved by adding different layers of ethylene by addition. To obtain them, the polymerization process called Ziegler-Natta is used, which is a catalytic polymerization process. Three types are carried out: in solution, in gas phase and in suspension There are different types of plastic and their recycling is different. High-density polyethylene is easy to recycle, and thermal or mechanical recycling is used to give it a second life. The first step in recycling this material would be the separation by type of resin, since if this is not done it would be very difficult or impossible to recycle it. Mechanical recycling: once the material is stored and identified, it is crushed into pellets and can be used again in production. Before this, the material should be washed to remove possible impurities that could damage the properties of the recycled material. Even so, this type of recycling is recommended to be used when the material is barely contaminated. Thermal recycling: consists of the combustion of plastic, transforming its waste into ash, slag and gases to obtain energy. It is a destructive method and a study needs to be done to determine if this process can be used. "

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