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The blending of plastics or polymers arises as an alternative to the manufacture of specialised resins, as well as being the option to obtain a result that combines the properties of the mixed polymers. However, nowadays, the aim is also to achieve superior properties to the original ones of each of the precursor materials of the mixture. In this case, what happens is that a synergy is created between the resins to generate a set of new superior properties. Different polymers can be blended with compatibiliser, oil or plasticisers to change the final properties such as chemical resistance, transparency, hardness or temperature resistance.

However, the main reason for blending plastics or polymers is economic, as they are usually blended to obtain special properties at a lower price. In this way, a low-cost, mass-market material or resin can be blended with a slightly more specialised material or resin to give it characteristics and properties of interest.

The biggest obstacle when mixing plastics is the intrinsic immiscibility due to their poor thermodynamic compatibility. Therefore, the aim is to improve miscibility by intensifying the interactions between the polymers in order to achieve reinforcement of the properties.

PP plastic is one of the most demanded thermoplastics, and it is very common to mix it with other polymers in order to improve its final properties.

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