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"Polyurethane (PU) is a polymer obtained by hydroxyl bases that are combined with diisocyanates. They are classified into 2 groups by their chemical structure differentiated by their behavior with temperature: thermoplastic polyurethanes (paints, packaging, textile fibers ...) and thermoset polyurethanes The most common within the latter are foams that are used as resilient foams and thermal insulators. Polyurethane foam (PU foam / PU foam) is a porous plastic material that is formed by an addition of bubbles. It is also known as foam rubber. It is created with the gaseous chemical reaction of the compounds polyol (sugar) and isocyanate (petroleum). This reaction releases carbon dioxide which is the gas that creates the bubbles and is a reaction with expansion of the volume of liquid. Its formula also allows and needs additives and multiple variants. It is a widely used material. To obtain them, it can be done by projecting (the two components at the same time on a surface) or by casting (both materials are mixed). Polyurethane foam can be divided into 2 types: Hot foam: during its reaction it releases heat. It is manufactured in a continuous process in a mechanism called a foamer. It is the most used and the cheapest. Cold Foam: Almost no heat is released in reaction. It is manufactured in a simple foamer. It has more quality and lasts longer than hot but its cost is higher. It is an insulating material, it can also be used for waterproofing, it is light, absorbs impacts ... it is a harmless material for humans and versatile. Recycling of this material is very important. Waste polyurethane foam can be reused or energy can be recovered to replace fossil fuels. Polyurethane is a durable material, it does not rot and is inert. This material can be generally reused in less demanding applications. Foam residues can be ground and reprocessed into other building materials. This recycled material does not rot and is resistant to mold. It can also be used for packaging. If it cannot be reused, recycled or transformed into other products, energy can be recovered. This material has energy so it is useful to create electricity, in this way fossil fuels are replaced. "

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