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"Wood is a raw material of vegetable origin. It is the main content of the trunk of a tree. It is a natural, resistant and flexible material. It is composed of cellulose fibers joined with lignin. Wood has an average composition of 50% carbon, 42% oxygen, 6% hydrogen and the remaining nitrogen and other elements. Its main components are cellulose (structural polysaccharide formed by glucose), lignin (polymer that is in the cell walls of certain organisms) and hemicellulose (it binds the fibers). The qualities of the wood change depending on certain variables such as humidity, size, place of growth…. But almost all woods have certain properties in common. It is a material that is thermal and electrical insulating, transmits sound very well, is biodegradable, ductile, recyclable, tough ... its density varies, but in general it ranges between 500-800 kg / m³, although it may be less or greater. Depending on its hardness, it could be a soft or hard wood. Wood production would follow these steps: To begin with, the tree would be felled and pruned (branch cutting). Once this is done, it is transported to the sawmill. Then the bark is removed (debarked) and cut into boards or planks (bucking). The wood is left to dry to reduce the amount of water in it and thus avoid deformations. Finally, by brushing the irregularities are eliminated. Wood has many applications: construction of buildings, furniture, tables, it is used to make pulp to make paper… when it is used as fuel it is called firewood. Recycling wood is very important to conserve our ecosystem. The recycling process of this material is easy and it is one of the cleanest and most economical, since it does not have to be given any type of chemical treatment before it can be recycled. Most of the wood waste comes from industry. Wood can be recycled a limited number of times because its fibers deteriorate. Even so, if it is recycled as many times as possible it is better than discarding it to the landfill. When the wood arrives at the recycling plant, it is checked and its quality and type of wood are determined. In general, it is mixed with other waste that must be separated and managed separately. In this process the metallic components (nails…) are separated. Afterwards, it is crushed into chips or sawdust. When finished, chipboard would be obtained. A percentage of the wood could not be recycled effectively, so it has other functions. It can be used to generate electricity or also for composting. "

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