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"Magnesium (Mg) is the chemical element with atomic number 12 in the periodic table of the elements. It is one of the most abundant elements in the earth's crust and the third dissolved in the sea. The pure metal cannot be found in nature, it is part of compounds mostly oxides and salts. It can be found in rocky minerals such as dolomite, serpentine, olivine or magnesite. It is insoluble. The magnesium ion is essential for all living cells. Once it is produced at made from magnesium salts, it is used as an alloying element. It is silvery white and very light. It does not need to be stored in oxygen-free environments like other alkali metals because it is protected by a thin layer of oxide. Its melting is at 650 ° C and has a density of 1738 kg / m3 It is a highly flammable metal, it ignites very easily when it is in chips or dust, even so, in solid mass it is less flammable. Being rigid, having reduced plasticity, having low density and being protected from corrosion, they make it ideal to be part of alloys with other metals. High purity magnesium alloys have better corrosion resistance than steel and most aluminum alloys. The main alloys are made with aluminum, manganese, zirconium, or zinc. However, its main use is as an aluminum alloy and is used in automotive components. It is a material that can be recycled without losing quality. The process that is needed to recycle it consumes only 5% of the energy that is needed to obtain the raw material. Because it is easy to rust, its recycling process is very demanding and therefore it is not widely used. The most common process for producing a magnesium alloy is die casting. Most of the process rejects are recycled through recycling in the production process. Magnesium chips and slag can be recycled through a complex process. A closed-loop recycling system would cut the need for the primary material in half. The countries that contain the most magnesium are Russia, China and South Korea. It can be obtained by electrolysis or thermal reduction. The Dow process is the most important and economical magnesium production process. Sea water is used as raw material, it must be warm, clean and undiluted. The steps would be the following: decantation, filtration, neutralization, evaporation, drying and electrolysis. "

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