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PA plastic, better known as Nylon (registered trademark) is a synthetic polymer belonging to the group of polyamides. It is a resistant and elastic textile fiber, it does not need to be ironed, it is not attacked by moths and it is used to make stockings, fabrics ... has a density of 1150 kg / m³ It was discovered by accident in 1933 and patented in 1938 by Wallace Hume Carothers. This invention was a revolution for the stockings market, but soon the material began to be used for war material and it became very difficult to obtain. The first product to be made was the nylon bristle toothbrush. It is created by polycondensation of a diacid with a diamine. The number of carbon atoms in the acid and amine chains can be shown behind the initials of the polyamide. The best known is PA66 or nylon 6.6. For practical reasons, not the acid and the amine are used but solutions of the amine and the diacid chloride. Between these phases, the polymer is formed that expands to create the nylon thread. Nylon is widely used in textile production, yet it is still a plastic that often ends up as waste in landfills or even in the ocean. It is a material resistant to environmental corrosion. It is not biodegradable, so it can take more than 500 years to be absorbed by nature. Some of the chemicals it leaves behind are polluting. For this reason, recycling is very important. The textile industry is developing synthetic fibers that are sustainable and do not pollute. One of them would be recycled nylon. The use of this recycled material would help reduce the use of oil as a raw material, it needs less energy and would extend its useful life, thus reducing landfill waste and not polluting. Above all, it is found in sportswear, although its use is expanding to other sectors of fashion.

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