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Plastic ABS

ABS or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is a type of plastic. It is very resistant to impacts / blows and even high temperatures. It is called engineering plastic because it is widely used in the automotive industry and in other industries since its elaboration and processing they are more complex than those of common plastics. It is a thermoplastic, a material that at relatively high temperatures becomes deformable, flexible and melts when heated, hardening when cooled sufficiently. Being produced by three monomers is called a terpolymer. The acronym ABS derives from the 3 monomers that are used to produce it: Acrylonitrile - Provides rigidity, resistance to chemical attack, high temperature stability and toughness Butadiene - Provides toughness at any temperature, even low places where other plastics become brittle. Styrene: provides mechanical resistance and rigidity. The following applications are the most common: automotive (chrome parts, internal parts in clothes and interiors ...), electronics (cases for televisions, radios, consoles, computers ...), toys (LEGO blocks, many Rubik's Cubes …), Musical instruments (plastic recorders and other similar ones)…. ABS can be used in alloys with other plastics. For example, by joining ABS with PVC to greater resistance to flame. By joining it to PTFE (Teflon) it would give greater resistance to fire and reduce its coefficient of friction. ABS is polymerized primarily through the emulsion process, a mixture of various products that are not normally combined into one product. It is also created using a proprietary process known as continuous mass polymerization. Since ABS is thermoplastic, it can be easily recycled. In fact, the most common way to produce ABS is from recycling (creating ABS from ABS). The color of plastic determines its degree of recyclability. In the case of black, it is more problematic in the material identification processes. ABS, to be recycled, has several options that will depend on its characteristics and its origin. If the part does not have any hazardous substance and has been molded by itself, mechanical recycling can be done. If it contains dangerous substances, it is recycled thermochemical or by combustion. These are the types of recycling for ABS that are generally used: Mechanical recycling: the piece is ground and reformed Recycled to recover energy: material combustion Thermochemical recycling: the material is treated at high temperatures and then the chemical components are selected and separated so that they can be reused in other chemical processes.

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