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"Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a polymerization of the monomer of vinyl chloride that is created from ethylene and chlorine. It is one of the most produced plastics and the most versatile. It is a material thermoplastic, it is light, chemically inert and harmless. It is a white and brittle solid. It cannot be diluted in alcohol. It has a density between 1.32-1.42 g / cm3. It is resistant to abrasion, has good resistance. impact and mechanical resistance. If for example plasticizers are added it can become a more flexible or rigid material and this makes it have different applications. In fact, it comes in 2 forms: rigid, which is used in the construction of pipes, for doors ... and flexible used for cables, toys ... Oil and salt are used as raw materials to obtain PVC. To obtain it, the oil must be cracked (breaking chemical bonds of the compound and obtaining various uses and properties). This is how ethylene is achieved. When mixed with the sodium chloride chlorine, dichlorinated ethylene is created, which will later become vinyl chloride. When it polymerizes, polyvinyl chloride is created. Before using it to manufacture materials, stabilizers or plasticizers are added, among others. PVC is the plastic that is least dependent on oil and is 100% recyclable and widely recycled throughout the world. Its recycling is viable both economically and technologically. Recycled PVC has different applications and is used in the manufacture of many products: hoses, brushes, brooms, profiles…. It can be recycled in different ways: Mechanical recycling: the most used. Two types of PVC are distinguished, those that come from industry or those of solid urban waste. The residues are sorted, milled, reactivated if needed and transformed into new products. The difference is that in the case of post-consumer waste, it must be cleaned before processing. Chemical recycling: waste goes through chemical processes to decompose into more elemental products such as gases or oils. Energy recycling: waste is incinerated in a controlled way to recover the energy contained in the material. Solvent recycling: it is done by the chemical dissolution technology of PVC through solvents. It requires high control of the productive unit and high investment. "

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